TaTa Sisterhood Foundation

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.54.08 AM The foundation was started by a generous fundraising effort by the Mercy ICU nurses staff. They raised money for Tara and Matt to go on vacation or to help with other medical costs. Tara felt that she needed to use this gift from the Mercy ICU nurses staff to pay it forward, and hence the TaTa Sisterhood Foundation was formed.

The foundation has helped women in the local St. Louis area with practical support as well as fun boosts of motivation. Tara was a Mom battling cancer, and she was keenly aware of what needs other Moms have as a warrior against cancer.

Sometimes it is as simple as a distracting toy for a toddler so Mom could rest on the couch. Sometimes it is a Walgreens gift card to cover the endless copays on the endless medicines those batteling cancer have take. Sometimes it is a gift card to a restaurant that you can bring home food from to save your valuable energy.

Tara was humbled by the fact that ALL OF THE FUNDRAISING efforts for TATAs has been achieved by her supportive friends. Tara knew she was a vessel that support could flow through. The foundation has been given all types of donations – funds from lemonade stands, garage sales, brewery tours, and local stores. They all count … and they all are amazing!

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