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Tara’s Arrangements

Angel - by Sarah Mclachlan This song has really been a tear-jerker over the past two years, especially in the last six weeks as Tara's journey came to an end. (Usually, I'd talk about her "fight" rather than journey, but Tara was never a fan of the fight analogy...too many losers, not enough winners). As we…
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A little after midnight, surrounded by family and friends, my cherished Tara left us. Up to her last day, she made the day count, enjoying a lunch out with her sisters and sneaking a few peanut M&M's. She was comfortable towards the end, at peace in the knowledge her children would be loved and supported…
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An Update On Tara

On February 26, 2014, Tara, Matt and her care team determined to cease treatments. The decision was made based on the rapid progression of her cancer and to allow her quality time with family and friends.

Tara and Matt and the kids appreciate everyone’s ongoing love and support.

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The Miracle of Community

I know ... what the heck is the deal with that photo of a Lama. Well, Tara recently prepared an article for a publication sponsored by SSM Health Care called Splendid. Here is a link to the online publication. Splendid Fall 2013 Give the article a read, I think you will enjoy it.
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