A little after midnight, surrounded by family and friends, my cherished Tara left us.

Up to her last day, she made the day count, enjoying a lunch out with her sisters and sneaking a few peanut M&M's. She was comfortable towards the end, at peace in the knowledge her children would be loved and supported by all the people who read her blog, or Zumba'd with her, or saw her at church, or sat with her during a chemo session...her list of friends is endless.

Please pray for us as we find the strength to bear our terrible loss, by leaning on you, our friends and family...

Matt Boland (heartbroken...)


Click here to read Tara's Obituary.

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  1. I am a friend of Ann's. and she has shared Tara's journey with me. I prayed for Tara and for you and the family and I will continue to remember her as a shining example for all of us whose challenges are minor next to what she has endured. Peace be yours. I know you are a very special person ! Mary Kay Kickels