My First CaringBridge Post

Below is the very first post I penned in my CaringBridge Journal on May 28, 2012.

Since the 28th, I have shared my journey with many supporters, friends, and other that are fighting the same battle as I.

Since may 28th, I have penned hundreds of entries that talk about my feelings and my experiences. Stop by for a read anytime.
Tara Boland CaringBridge


"I want to be sedated" by The Ramones

Written May 28, 2012 3:55pm by Tara Boland

Tuesday May 29th at 11:45 send up a prayer for us as we get rid of this alien in my body. Left Mastectomy to be performed by Dr. Ryan Neff, a colleague of Matt. Our kids also happen to go to preschool together and I know that I am in the best of hands. He has three little kids, likes to golf, and will treat me as good as he would treat his own wife. Likely will be in the hospital for a day maybe two. Mercy St. Johns.

Never been sedated. Little scared. But I will be singing this song in my head to keep the nausea down.

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  1. Jon Falk
    Try as I might, it is hard to understand life, in particular your journey. You are always steadfast in being you. You give hope, you don't just take it. You give love, and I hope you feel the love that is in the heats of many for you. You are an inspiring gift. My family continues to pray for you and your family.