Fighting Cancer Like A Mom

Des Peres (KSDK)--A cancer diagnosis is enough to frighten anyone. All the more when you have another, smaller life to consider. That's just what Tara Boland and her husband Matthew found themselves facing last summer. A week after they learned that they were pregnant, Tara was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.

"It was a little scary because it's very rare," says Tara.

Fortunately, Tara's diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer was treatable during her pregnancy and she was able to start her therapy with their baby along for the ride. After sixteen rounds of chemotherapy, Sam Boland was born.

"It's hard when you see the person you love is scared or threatened like this," says Matthew, "Seeing him in his mother's arms, it was all worth it.

Tara and her husband had three other kids ages six, four and three to keep up with while they battled cancer. The couple was open with their children about the process and made sure they understood what was happening.

"They have been going through this year having more and more play-dates and lots of fun," says Tara, " And that was our goal was to have this year be as normal as possible for them."

But treatment for triple-negative breast cancer is aggressive and the Bolands know that they have done all that they could. Tara has one more round of radiation left and the end of her treatments is in sight but the Bolands know that her battle with cancer isn't over.

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